Hrubá stavba 1. etapy dokončena!


V první polovině srpna jsme dokončili stavbu skeletu všech budov v 1. etapě rezidenčního projektu Vysočanský mlýn. Navzdory nelehké situaci ve stavebnictví se nám to podařilo v termínu a na Praze 9 tak již brzy vznikne přes 240 nových bytů určených k nájemnímu bydlení. Teď již do práce nastupují další šikovní řemeslníci, aby položili izolaci na střechách, osadili okna, provedli fasády, rozvedli kanalizaci, vodu, elektřinu, topení, vzduchotechniku a další nezbytné věci pro pohodlné bydlení. Těšíme se na výsledek!

Minutes of the meeting with OS Krocan


Developer Metrostav Development and Krocan o.s. local association representatives met on 22.2.2022. The issue at hand was a proposal for revitalisation of the former Freyův Sugar Mill area. The Association representatives presented their questions and objections concerning the proposal and representatives of the Developer gave their answers.

At the meeting, Krocan raised the proposal for executing new surfaces throughout the entire Pod Krocínkou Street, i.e. between the Stoupající and Nad Klíčovem Streets, at the expense of the developer. Metrostav Development agrees to the proposal and is ready to build the new surfaces at its own expense, however, on condition of smooth course of execution of project legislative and permitting processes without any appeals filed by parties to the proceedings. The reason for such a precondition is that upon a potential rejection by the participants to the proceedings and a delay affecting the project Metrostav Development would incur significant unplanned increased expenses, and the financial means involved would then not be available in favour of repairing the surface on the street mentioned above.

Both parties agreed upon enabling public access to the minutes of the meeting, which are available here.

Allow us to add that the design of revitalising the area of the former Freyův Sugar Mill was elaborated after a thorough analysis and assessment of the current status of the land, which took place with involvement of the public in the period of June 2020 – February 2021. The design concept and involvement of the public remain open to public access on the website of

Demolition of the last building started


In the beginning of the year, we started demolition of the so-called Dough Factory. It is the last of the dilapidated buildings of the previous bakeries, which could not be used anymore. It stayed on site the longest in order to form a curtain from noise and dust from demolitions and protect, as soon as possible, the inhabitants of Krocínka from negative impact of the on-going construction activities. All of the demolition works will have been finalised by June this year, when the entire area of Vysočanský mlýn will have been prepared for the purpose of future construction development. Thus, only those historical buildings and/or their fragments will stay in the area, which will become a part of the new residential project.

Approximately 75 thousand tonnes of concrete and brick debris originated during the demolition shall still find new use. The material will actually be carefully sorted, recycled, and shall serve again, for example in the form of ecological filling upon concrete mixture production. Thus, also the buildings, which had to be taken down, shall again become a part of Vysočanský mlýn.


The first buildings’ foundation pads have already been laid


Vysočanský mlýn has come to life. The three new cranes that now dominate the complex cannot be ignored by passers-by.

We have completed the earthworks and set the foundations in place. The first buildings already have the foundation pads, and the concreting of the monolithic frameworks has also begun in full swing.

In July, Metrostav Development commenced the construction of the first 241 flats of the Vysočanský mlýn, and the MINT Investment realty fund purchased the whole first stage of construction. It will offer flats for rent. The additional construction phase, during which 218 flats for sale will be constructed, will start next year.

We are counting down to the opening.

Mill South Façade Structurally Reinforced


Work on preparing construction continues at the site of the former Odkolek bakery, and we continue to fulfil our promises. One of those was to treat the site with respect, which is why we are preserving the original character of the building as well as pieces of history itself.

Besides the administrative building and chimney, we realize the historical value of the south façade and we unanimously agreed to incorporate it into the new residential project. However, it’s first necessary to structurally secure it so the façade survives until construction can begin. The entire south façade has thus been reinforced by 90 tons of iron.
We also promised to preserve the canopy that connects the administrative building with the bakery that we had repeatedly used to meet neighbours living in the area to discuss the future of Vysočanský mlýn. To complete the demolition of the bakery the canopy rests upon, we had to reinforce it with long beams to temporarily support it so it can stand independently. Both elements were anchored, and now demolition work could continue.

We carefully consider every project beforehand at Metrostav Development, and Vysočanský mlýn is no exception.